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Sister of Darth Maul

This character is not a part of the official (and extended) Star Wars universe. It was an imaginary by me.

name: Devrahh
Gender: Female
Species: Zabrak
Height: 1.68 meters

Devrahh is the forgotten stepsister of Darth Maul and she is a special Force-sensitive. Her master was Darth Maul for 2 years.
After Maul's 'dead' (disappearance) Devrahh swore revenge for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Her black tattoo refers Maul's body tattoo.
Devrahh has a special 'cross-dual lightsaber'. She uses unique fighting technique what is based on the Force because this is a special shaping weapon.
(for example: The warrior controls the constantly spinning lightsaber by the Force while he/she can fighting and casting force lightning, etc.)

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